Welcome to the website of our family breeding !

Who are we ?

I have always been in contact with the animal world.

My life path :

there have always been pets in the home since I was born.

As time went by, I got more and more involved physically (canine club, agility, feline and canine foster family, then show) and psychologically.

Over the years, I have gained experience on their basic needs and acquired new knowledge on canine/feline psychology and its education.

Confirmed by the search to continuously update my knowledge, through training courses on animal welfare and respect for its nature.

My course of study :

– Bac S, Bachelor’s degree in Health and Social Science (Paris 13) and Master’s degree in Ergonomics (Paris Descartes)

– certification in digital marketing

– The ACACED Dog and Cat (certificate of knowledge for pets of domestic species) which is compulsory to practice.

– The TAV (transport of live animals) which is compulsory for any professional regularly transporting dogs or cats.

– certification as a practitioner in animal aromatherapy (dog and cat).

I have of course a SIRET number. I am registered at the prefecture and contribute to the MSA.

My memberships:

– For dogs, my affix is registered with the LOF.

– For cats, my cattery is registered with the LOOF and the TICA.

– I am a regular international member of TICA.

– I am also a member of the Toyge France breed club.

Our charter

Because animal welfare is our priority