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The Toyger cat breed


The Toyger, a mixture of “toy” and “tiger”, was developed in 1980 by American Judy Sugden, daughter of Joan Mill, creator of Bengal.

His goal was to find in a domestic cat all the physical characteristics of the tiger. So she began by crossing a Bengal with a domestic short-haired cat with very specific markings.

You should know that the Toyger is therefore not a wild-blooded cat, like the Bengal or the Savannah for example.

Obtaining beautiful black stripes, very vertical on an orange background, as well as the facies of a mini-tiger, called “big cat”, such is the long and rigorous work of the Toyger breeder!

The Toyger was registered in 1990 by the TICA as in “evaluation”, then was accepted in the championship in 2007.

To this day, the Toyger remains a rare breed, with very few breeders in Europe. This is because it is a breed that is still evolving.

Physical characteristics

The Toyger standard is still subject to change, since the breed is not yet fixed. It takes long and painstaking work to obtain all the characteristics of a little tiger!


He has a well-built, muscular and elongated body, very athletic. His muscles “roll” when he is in motion, like a big beast. His shoulders and neck are equally muscular.


Its head is large, with a long nose; the leather of the nose is broad in the shape of an inverted V, to the eyes. He has a broad chin and a powerful lower jaw.


His coat is short and soft. He must be a brown mackerel tabby. The marking must be contrasted. The “first” motif being the domestic mackerel, this has evolved in a few nuances: we now find the modified mackerel, the mackerel tabby bold (thick) and the mackerel braided (braided).


Her eyes are round and set in deep color.


Its ears are small and rounded.


Its tail is long with rings and is carried low.


The Toyger is a cat known to be very active, intelligent and very affectionate at the same time. Thanks to its great docility, it is then easily trainable.

With a good temperament, it is a cat that also has a great capacity for adaptation, allowing it to get along with adults as well as with children, and even with other animals.

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