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The Savannah cat breed


The Savannah cat is the result of the crossing generally of a Savannah/European/Bengal cat (more recognized by the loof in France), with a male Serval (Felix serval, feline of the cheetah family), feline usually frequenting the savannah of the Serengeti Park, in Africa. It is this natural habitat that gave its name to the new breed.

The Serval is a nocturnal feline, twice the size of a domestic cat, which was domesticated from ancient times by the local populations of Egypt, thanks to its gentle and sociable character.

But it is at the beginning of the 80’s that Judee Frank, an American breeder, began to systematically and successfully crossbreed this new breed.

The selection allowed the breed to be accepted by TICA (The International Cat Association) in 2001, and the third generation hybrids were recognized and admitted to shows in 2002

Physical characteristics

A Serval can weigh between 13 to 18 kg, but hybridization has made it possible to obtain Savannahs whose weight varies from 7 to 9 kg; endowed with a beautiful musculature in harmony with the whole body, they keep Serval’s athletic aspect.


– Seen from the side, the body is very elongated and reminds us of oriental cats, but more robust.

– Seen from the front, the cat appears narrow, an impression due to the astonishing length of the legs. The paws are small with long toes.


It is slightly rounded at the apex and, proportionally to the rest of the body, seems a little smaller; it is triangular in shape and longer than it is wide. The nose is long, the chin is small.


The bottom of the dress goes from golden to fawn through snow, with an almost white belly, spotted with black spots.

The coat is shiny, soft and thick while the hair can be short or medium.


They are oval and slightly almond-shaped, yellow, green, gold or amber.


They are straight, carried high on the skull, the base is broad and the extremities are slightly rounded.


The neck is long, strong and muscular.

The Savannah has a rather short tail.


The Savannah cat is considered as a domestic cat after the third generation, even if it does not present particular problems of adaptation to the first generation.

It is a friendly and sociable cat, especially with children and other animals living in the home. It adapts without problem to the use of the litter box and loves water.

Great hunter, he likes to jump and climb; he needs to move, to be free, and he enjoys taking a walk from time to time. Its unspoiled wild feline splendor makes the Savannah an extremely fascinating breed, for the moment quite rare.

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