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our care

a simple and natural approach

In order to best meet the needs and well-being of our animals, I decided from the very beginning of this adventure to use natural products and a healthy diet as much as possible.

In fact, as part of a preventive approach, I use products of natural origin on a daily basis, in order to avoid any risk of intoxication or poisoning as much as possible.

cleaning and disinfection

– black soap

– white vinegar (14%)

– baking soda


– essential oil: fine lavender (stress, anxiety), tea tree (coriza, congestion)

attention used without sufficient knowledge, essential oils can be dangerous for your animals. I am currently certified in animal aromatherapy.

– diatomaceous earth: external parasite, insecticide

– ultra ventilated white clay: diarrhoea, gastric bandage

– probiotic


– Food and water are self-service and available throughout the house.

– the croquettes used as a supplement are cereal-free, with a high level of animal protein and very low in carbohydrates (11%).

– Raw meat (poultry) is available and at will. It is the main food of our animals (the cat is a strict carnivore!).
It is mixed with various organic oils and supplements (wheat germ, fresh salmon oil, spirulina powder and green-lipped mussel) to provide omegas, vitamins and minerals.

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To date I hold the CCAD (mandatory to practice), an animal aromatherapy practitioner certification and a siret number.

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